We suggest always sending any prospect to a lead capture page.

Create your target list of prospects, at least 20 and do the following as fast as you can.

Step 1 - Choose Your Prospect and Ask if you can send a link

(call them, text them, email them, or private message them to ask this question)

If you are using the mobile app - then just choose these people from your phone's contact list and choose from pre-written messages.

Step 2 - Send to an Appropriate Lead Capture Page

When you use a lead page if helps the prospect get the full picture of not only your company products and opportunity, but also the full demonstration of the marketing system that they will be able to plug into as well.

We'll also be able to keep track of their activities and keep a score to help you get them to 100 points.

If they refuse to fill out a form and you already know their name, email and phone so you can follow up, then of course get them to the Tour pages and let them see the information. The downside is that they will not receive autoresponders and we will not be able to automatically track their activity and pages visited. You should add them manually into your Contact Manager if they did not fill out a form.