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Here you will find all of Lead Capture Pages that you should be using to generate leads and put them through tours.

These have already been set-up with a Tour Page and Message Campaign attached, but you can alter this.

Each page has a unique link and you can use all of them at the same time. Always try to choose the right lead page for the right occasion.

Each Lead page has a way to change the Tour Page and/or the Message Campaign.

Benefits of Using a Lead Capture Page:

  1. Generates a Lead - so that you can be in charge of the follow-up
  2. Adds to Contact Manager - so that you always have all of your leads in the same place for easy management
  3. Adds them to a Message Campaign - this is a big reason, let the system to the drip messages for you
  4. Recognizes revisits - if this prospect comes back to any of your pages then you willl be notified of it
  5. Prospect Scoring - this kicks in so you can work the lead to 100 points or more